✔ High school checklist 

✔ Self exploration

✔ Available pathways

✔ College and Career Exploration

✔ Goal setting

✔ Soft Skills

✔ Post secondary plan

The SMART Dreams e-classroom has hours of guided content and worksheets that include all of the above. 

Utilize the classroom to facilitate group sessions online or work one on one with students. 

Manage student progress in one easy to access place. 

SMART Goals Planner

✔ Future Envisioning

✔ Goal Setting

✔ Time management

✔ Reflection

The planner is designed to teach effective goal setting, time management, and reflection practices. Students envision their ideal future and set actionable goals for the year.

The planner’s purpose is to increase student’s effectiveness in school (keeping track of assignments, proper time management and planning, ability to learn from past actions or inactions) so they graduate from high school with the necessary organizational skills for college and work.

Utilize the planner with students as a weekly progress measure and check-in article.